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SpellTower, Chickon, Superman and lots of other iOS releases today


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Believe it or not, we are getting into the start of the holiday season, and that means tons of action on the App Store as people head over to buy apps for their new devices. There are a bunch of exciting new apps to check out today, so here's a quick list:

  • Hothead Games (makers of Kard Combat and Gem King) has released a new 99 cent game called Sea Stars, featuring some Ecco the Dolphin-style jumping.
  • As expected, Minecraft Pocket Edition is now out and available for $6.99 on iOS.
  • EA Mobile has a new freemium title called Road Trippin', in which you tour around the United States.
  • Adult Swim's latest is an on-rails shooter called Major Mayhem, available for just a buck.
  • Days of Wonder has released an iPhone-specific version of its popular Ticket to Ride board game, yours for only 99 cents.
  • Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense isn't new, but it's gotten a big new content update and it's on sale for just 99 cents as well.
  • SpellTower is a really excellent new spelling game for iPad from the creator of the great Bit Pilot and Halcyon.
  • The creator of Galcon has turned his real-time strategy game about planetary domination into a game about chickens called (of course) Chickon. It's available for free.
  • To celebrate the year anniversary of its dual-stick shooter Age of Zombies, Halfbrick Studios has re-released the title in an anniversary edition, making it universal and adding new content, still at 99 cents.
  • Chillingo has two excellent new titles out, Superman (which features the DC superhero saving a 2D Metropolis from various threats) for 99 cents, and Extraction: Project Outbreak (a well-done top-down action RPG shooter), in a universal build for also 99 cents. Superman will probably sell better, but Extraction shouldn't be missed.
  • Com2Us has released Homerun Battle 2, a sequel to the excellent arcade baseball game Homerun Battle 3D, for $4.99.
  • Firemint has given its rodent stealth game Spy Mouse an HD version, for $2.99.
  • Street Fighter IV Volt has new characters and new content, and is on sale for just 99 cents.

Man, that's a whole lot of great games! This isn't even all of the app releases out this week, and my guess is that we haven't even seen the biggest flood of new apps -- that usually comes around Thanksgiving, and then ramps up again right as Apple freezes the store before Christmas. It's going to be a busy holiday season in iOS gaming for sure.

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