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Dimps expanding into original IPs for mobile and social platforms

Jordan Mallory

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Takashi Nishiyama has been in the game for about as long as "the game" has existed. Responsible for Moon Patrol, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, the Neo Geo and more Sonic games than you can shake a stick at, Nishiyama's design portfolio spans 30 years and includes some of the most fundamental design philosophies that still serve as a foundation for many genres to this day.

His company, Dimps, has made a name for itself developing titles for other publishers' IPs; Dragon Ball Z, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, etc. After nearly twelve years of development-for-hire work, however, Dimps is looking to branch out and create its own original IPs, according to statements made by Nishiyama during an interview with 1UP.

"I feel that it's time that we need to create our own social and browser IPs," Nishiyama said. "We're going to start with things that have more manageable budgets, like social and browser games. I believe that's more realistic."

Nishiyama sees mobile platforms as a lower-risk entry platform for a new IP, as compared with the astronomical costs associated with console game development. His company must be cautious, however, because creating original IPs will position Dimps as competition to publishers, rather than a developmental ally: "As soon as we announce that we're creating original IP, we become their competitor. So we need to approach it carefully and be sensitive to the politics involved."

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