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Emporia Telecom expands to North America and Latin America, brings a couple new phones with it

Emporia Telecom expands to North America and Latin America, brings a couple new phones with it
Brad Molen
Brad Molen|January 4, 2012 8:46 PM
Emporia Telecom, an Austrian phone manufacturer that focuses on making basic and easy-to-use handsets, announced this morning that it plans to expand its boundaries to include North and Latin America sometime this Spring. Along with the endeavor, Emporia plans to introduce two new handsets: the EmporiaCLICK clamshell and EmporiaSOLIDplus rugged candybar. These devices -- much like the others in the lineup -- are geared toward first-time phone buyers and seniors who aren't interested in a smartphone, boasting simple features such as large buttons, loud speakerphone and ringtones, high-powered vibration motors and a one-touch Call to Care button that automatically alerts emergency services when pressed. The company plans to show off the handsets at CES next week, so keep an eye out for more updates as they roll in. In the meantime, read up on the press release below.
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emporia to Bring Simplified Communication To First-Time Mobile Consumers in North America and Latin America

Introduces New Easy-to-Use Mobile Phones for Kids to Seniors at CES

New York, New York – January 4, 2012 – emporia Telecom, a leading mobile device manufacturer focused on simplified communication, today announced its expansion to North and Latin America in 2012, building upon the 30 countries in which it currently operates. emporia will bring its easy-to-use mobile products for first-time mobile phone users – from kids to seniors – to the US, Canada and Latin America beginning this spring. These include emporiaCLICK and emporiaSOLIDplus, the two most recent additions to the 20-year-old Austria-based company's lineup.

emporia creates research-driven, well-designed mobile phones that offer the most essential features to stay connected with loved ones, especially when they are needed most. Each product features a unique, one-touch Call for Care button – an encircled heart symbol – that automatically dials family, caregivers or emergency services. And every emporia phone features large, easy-to-use buttons, an extra loud speakerphone, and a simple interface to help customers quickly locate what they need when they need it.

The company announced its new emporiaCLICK, a simple and stylish flip phone with a sleek clamshell design, a piano lacquer finish and a stainless steel clasp. Designed with a built-in camera, emporiaCLICK's side key easily takes one-click pictures on the go. A clear and easy-to-navigate menu allows users to effortlessly find their favorite photos and its MMS function allows users to easily send photos to friends and family. In addition to easy picture taking and sharing, emporiaCLICK makes communicating easy with ringtones that can be adjusted to very high volumes, high-powered vibration motors and a flashing LED light whenever a call is coming in.

The company also introduced emporiaSOLIDplus, a rugged and dependable phone built for anyone who enjoys working or playing in the great outdoors. The device can be easily tossed into a backpack, pocket or on lanyard to stay connected when hiking, bicycling, or gardening. The durable device will not be damaged if splashed or dropped as it meets strict military specifications, so it can withstand dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures, making it easy to travel anywhere with.

Gregory Foley, President and CEO of emporia Telecom, USA and a veteran of the US mobile industry explained the vision behind the company's expansion: "We're excited to bring our easy-to-use mobile devices to multiple generations of families in the US, Canada and Latin America. We believe there are millions of consumers who simply don't want complicated smartphones, distracting apps or expensive data plans, so we focus on high-quality products that offer simplified communication for those who need it most."

emporia is making its stateside technology trade show debut at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show next week, where it will be showcasing the new products it will offer in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Visit emporia at Booth 36262 in the South Hall, upper level at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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