Magellan's new RoadMate 5190T helps truckers find their way, like the do-dah man

Truckin'? Got your chips cashed in? Well then you might wanna put them toward the latest RoadMate GPS navigator from Magellan. Designed for commercial truck, bus and taxi operators, the company's new RoadMate 5190T boasts a five-inch color display that drivers can use to find the most pain-free routes from point A to point B. With the 5190T strapped to their dashboards, truckers will be able to set up customized routing based on their vehicles' precise specifications, while using Magellan's Highway Lane Assist feature to help negotiate more baroque highway interchanges or exits. The onboard information dashboard, meanwhile, provides constant updates on trucking speed limits, alerting drivers whenever they drift above a given threshold. There's also a tracking log that allows operators to store information on mileage, hours and other parameters, as well as a built-in speaker system that projects sound at up to 93 decibels. The device is priced at $380, though Magellan has yet to announce a launch date.