The Daily Grind: Should max-level characters give account XP bonuses?

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.05.12

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The Daily Grind: Should max-level characters give account XP bonuses?
EverQuest II - Tier'dal in Lavastorm
I recently hit EverQuest II's adventuring cap for the first time (yay!), and aside from being surprised that it finally happened, I was also in for a bit of a shock when I logged into the character select screen the following day.

You see, EQII gives each character on your account a 20% XP bonus per max-level character. So all my subsequent toons will enjoy an extra 20% XP across the board, and if I were to get another guy to 90, all my toons would then have a 40% bonus (up to a maximum of 200%). While this is fantastic for players like yours truly who despise the leveling process, it seems like an odd design decision given that a lot of people like to grind. Also, EQII has more leveling content than most MMOs put together, and it's crazy to think how much of it you'll miss if you get even more bonus XP.

Sure, you can chronomage down a few levels and do zones that you blew by, or you can adjust your XP/AA ratio (or turn off XP altogether if you want), but the bonuses still speed up the curve significantly. What about you, Massively folk? Do you think max-level characters should grant bonuses to the rest of your toons?

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