Toshiba promises world's thinnest and lightest 10.1-inch tablet and 13.3-inch Ultrabook, 55-inch QFHD TV, other wonderment for CES

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.06.12

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It's dangerous to throw titles like "world's thinnest" and "world's lightest" around at events like CES -- what was a record breaker on Tuesday morning has a tendency to look a bit portly by Wednesday afternoon. But, never mind the caution, here comes Toshiba pledging both the thinnest and the lightest 10.1-inch tablet and 13.3-inch Ultrabook (though that latter one could just be referring to the Portege Z835 we've already reviewed). We'll have to wait a few days for any further details, though. The company is also promising to show off an OLED reference tablet with waterproof construction and wireless power plus a 55-inch QFHD television with glasses-free 3D. No world records there, but it should be quite a looker.
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