Goal Zero Sherpa 50 personal charger hands-on

We're here at CES Unveiled and just got our hands on Goal Zero's new version of its Sherpa 50 personal power pack. Like its predecessor, it's a 50 watt lithium ion power pack meant to give you an extra few hours of juice for your portable devices wherever you go. However, this new version is about half the size of its elder -- not much bigger than three or four CDs stacked together -- and has a removable inverter to slim it down even more. That inverter lets you use a standard electrical plug to re-power your gadgets, but the new Sherpa 50 also has ports built in to allow you to plug in your lap. Available this June, it'll cost $250 as a standalone product and $400 if you want one of Goal Zero's solar panels thrown in for true go-anywhere (as long as it's sunny) computing.

Zach Lutz contributed to this report.