Live from Panasonic's CES 2012 press event!

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The show floor for CES 2012 may not open until tomorrow, but news from the show is coming fast and furious from every direction, and we're here at Panasonic's press conference to bring all you wanted to know about the company's latest products. What will we see? No one can say for sure (we'll bet dollars to donuts there'll be a 3D TV or two), but folks are filing in and the show's about to start. So, keep it locked right here for every bit of Panasonic news as it's revealed.
6:58PM And that's it! Until the next time, folks.

6:58PM You can watch and share any of Justin's SNL shorts on MySpace TV and using the MySpace companion app.

6:57PM Nice, we got a box joke segueing into a mom joke... you SNL fans know what I'm talking about.

6:56PM Justin's looking dapper, as always, and lovin the beard, my man.

6:56PM And now for the main event... Justin Timberlake! Bringing sexy (back?) to TVs.

6:54PM Very urban feel to the video. Super hip or trying too hard? We'll let you, dear viewer, decide.

6:54PM Watch out Dijit, MySpace and Panasonic are comin for you!

6:53PM MySpace TV is all about making TV watching a more social experience. Which, from the looks of things means a TV-based chat client.

6:52PM Video time. We're watching the history of television unfold before us.

6:51PM MySpace TV, is coming to Viera Connect, and Tim Vanderhook, the company CEO is here to tell us all about it.

6:50PM That's all for Michael, but Eisuke's back on stage to tell us "one more thing"

6:49PM Michael's pitching us the new Miramax app, that lets users watch and share Miramax movie clips.

6:48PM Michael Lang, CEO from Miramax is now on stage to talk about the future of media consumption.

6:48PM Panasonic is also partnering with Disney to bring digital books to the platform as well. So, now when you tell your kids to go watch TV, you're actually telling them to read a book! Diabolical, that.

6:46PM And it's got Flixter onboard too!

6:46PM He's encouraging all of us to come check it out at the booth. Don't worry, Merwan, we will.

6:45PM Of course, Viera Connect also has Facebook and Twitter functionality, plus Skype so you can actually talk face to face instead of just 140 character blurbs. Nice.

6:44PM Panasonic has partnered up with to give users more access to web based content and a Viera Connect Market with an interface to make it easier to grab apps for your TV.

6:43PM Merwan Mereby, VP of Interactive Content & Services is now on stage to talk more about Viera Connect.

6:43PM It's an Android device, but no word on what version it's running... why no details, Eisuke?

6:42PM Remember that rugged tablet mentioned earlier, Eisuke's got it in hand, and just dropped it. An accident, I'm sure. That Eisuke, everyone knows he's got butterfingers.

6:41PM And now for the big dog, a 4k x 2k LCD IPS-Pro panel that packs 8 million pixels and is just 3.5mm thin.

6:40PM And now Eisuke's talking about a new Skype tablet, with a webcam and a screen that's apparently dead easy to use.

6:39PM New LCD TVs, the WT and DT series, and new Plasma TVs dubbed the GT, VT, and ST series.

6:38PM Back to Vic, and he's talking SmartViera TV. An all encompassing solution that gives you better access to all of your content, through a simple UI and compatibility with Panasonic's other devices, like Blu-ray players.

6:36PM Now we've got current US soccer star Abby Wambach on screen to tell us how she's excited about the Olympics being in 3D, too.

6:35PM Brandi's turn to talk. She's sharing how exciting it is to be on an Olympic stage, and she's excited to be a part of it.

6:33PM Not everything will be in 3D of course, but they're promising us over 200 hours of programming in three dee.

6:33PM Now we've got Bob Costas onscreen telling us that Panasonic will be partnering with the Peacock network to broadcast the 2012 Olympic games in London in 3D.

6:32PM More guests! Gary Zenkel from NBC and soccer star Brandi Chastain! (shirt on, of course)

6:31PM Panasonic also was on board the final Space Shuttle mission to record it all for posterity. NASA, and this humble editor thanks you for that, Panasonic.

6:30PM Additionally, the new Z10000 3D camcorder will put the power of production in your hands, too! But how much will it cost, Vic?

6:29PM Panasonic is also continuing to partner with DirecTV to solve one of 3D's biggest problems: lack of content.

6:28PM 93 percent of Panasonic TVs will be 3D, and 40 percent of LCD TVs and 4 Blu-ray players will be 3D as well.

6:27PM Vic's talking about 3D TVs and its success thus far... we know, we're shocked too. Apparently 20 percent of all new TVs sold will be 3D

6:26PM And now Shir Kitajima, President Consumer Electronics is here to make a few product announcements along with Vic Carlson, VP of Consumer Markets.

6:24PM Panasonic also powers GM's new MyLink infotainment system.

6:24PM Panasonic eXconnect is next up, which is an entertainment and information system for commercial airlines

6:23PM Eisuke's is now telling us about various projects at college campuses powered by Panasonic's solar cells.

6:22PM Company CTO, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki is now on stage to talk about how the company will incorporate cloud based systems with its new rugged tablet and other devices.

6:20PM And now he's announcing a Toughbook style ruggedized tablet!

6:20PM That's all for Ed, and now it's back to Joseph, who's telling us that Panasonic Eco Solutions group that is aimed at helping businesses become more eco-friendly.

6:18PM Ed's talking about how he's used Panasonic's solar panels to help himself get "off the grid."

6:18PM The company has won over 3,000 utility patents; many of which are for eco-conscious ideas.

6:17PM The company has plans to build Fujisawa sustainable smart town to be populated by thousands and will operate "off the grid." And now we've got Ed Begley Jr. on stage to talk about it!

6:15PM The company is creating "Smart Solutions" that have a core value of sustainability, and it wants to become a leader in eco-friendly technological solutions.

6:14PM Panasonic's been branching out from consumer electronics into energy management, entertainment systems, and more as they move away from single consumer products.

6:13PM Joseph's explaining how the pace of change in the electronics industry is changing, and Panasonic, naturally will change with it.

6:12PM Next up, Chairman and CEO of Panasonic North America, Joseph Tayler.

6:12PM Peter's telling us we've got guests from Hollywood coming... who could they be?

6:11PM Here we go! We've got Peter Fannon, VP of Coprorate and Government Affairs on stage.

6:10PM There's a fairly big stage set up, we're seeing a couple of TVs and cameras, plus what looks like a portable Blu-ray player and a tablet up there.

6:05PM Got some nice rock and roll tunes serenading us all as folks find their seats.

6:00PM And we're in!
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