Intel demos Ultrabooks with multitouch displays, games using an accelerometer

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Well, this was probably inevitable, wasn't it? We're here at Intel's Ultrabook CES keynote, where PC client head honcho Mooly Eden just showed off Ultrabooks with touchscreen displays. No convertible form factors, just yet, but clamshells with multitouch screens -- you know, the kind of thing we marveled over when the TouchSmart tm2 came out two CES' ago. Sounds predictable enough, right? Well, get this: after he was done swiping the display, using pinch to zoom to magnify webpages, he launched a game, and used the accelerometer in the laptop to fly a plane into the horizon. That's right: you'll soon be able to game with your sub-three-pound laptop as you would with a smartphone or tablet. Let's just hope those Ultrabooks eventually stop ballooning back into straight-up notebook territory, eh?

Billy Steele contributed to this report.
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