Spotted: the elusive 15-inch Samsung Series 9

Though we got to spend several weeks poking around the redesigned, 13-inch Series 9 laptop, we never did get to handle the new 15-inch version. It's a matter of particular curiosity for us, not just because yours truly has a minor laptop obsession, but because we've never seen anything quite this thin with quite this expansive a display. So, we couldn't resist a little playtime when we stumbled upon it at Samsung's CES booth. Aside, from the industrial design, which you can learn about in detail here, we were impressed by how it almost manages to match the 13-inch version in thinness: 0.58 inches thick versus half an inch for its little brother. And because Sammy crammed a 15-inch display into a 14-inch chassis, it doesn't particularly look like a 15-inch laptop. What's more, at 3.3 pounds, it weighs as much as the HP Folio, an Ultrabook with a 13-inch display. Impressive, yes, but given that $1,500 price, it won't be an option for everyone, which is why it's especially paramount that that onslaught of 14- and 15-inch Ultrabooks doesn't include too many clunkers.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.