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ViewSonic EXOdesk announced, puts Surface on notice

ViewSonic EXOdesk announced, puts Surface on notice
Terrence O'Brien
Terrence O'Brien|@TerrenceOBrien|January 10, 2012 1:30 PM
Turns out those rumblings of a ViewSonic-branded version of the EXOdesk were spot on. The company is here with a 32-inch table-sized tablet in tow. The 10-point multitouch desk running the HTML5 EXOPC interface is powered by an external PC running on a Core i7 CPU and its integrated graphics core. Otherwise, it's not too different from the 40-inch models we've already seen in action and sadly we don't have either a price or release date yet. In fact it's not even entirely clear if the desk-based interface accessory will ever come to market under the ViewSonic brand for consumers. The fine folks at ExoPC were kind enough to give us an early preview of the device which you can see here.
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ViewSonic Unveils Desktop of the Future with New 32" Touchscreen Work Surface at CES 2012

The EXOdesk offers a fully interactive, visually compelling productivity and entertainment experience powered by HTML 5

WALNUT, Calif – January 10, 2012 – ViewSonic Corp. (South Hall 36631), a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, along with EXOPC, today announced the EXOdesk, an interactive touchscreen desk. The companies will showcase the technology demonstration at CES 2012 as part of a strategic partnership.

Built by ViewSonic, the EXOdesk is a 32" 10-point touch tabletop that uses an HTML5 powered user interface created by EXOPC. The EXOdesk demonstrates an intuitive design aesthetic and supports gesture-based control of applications including productivity tools, social networking and games. The desk will be powered by an external PC configured with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, Intel's integrated graphics, and Windows® 7.

"As a leader in display technology, ViewSonic is dedicated to bringing our industry leading innovation to a wide variety of form factors including mobile devices, digital signage, and now, the desktop surface," said Jeff Volpe, president for ViewSonic Americas. "Our partnership with EXOPC reflects our vision for CES, 'Touch and See the Difference.' EXOPC is pushing the envelope of innovation with its multi-touch surface interface and we're excited to be the exclusive CES hardware vendor to showcase this product."

The EXOPC EXOstore allows consumers to enrich their surface computing experience by downloading additional applications, as well as backgrounds, themes and other interactive elements to customize the user interface. An HTML5 application development kit enables the software developer community to create tabletop applications that fully utilize the desktop surface environment for a compelling and efficient workstation.

"Our intuitive touch interface was designed with advanced usage scenarios in mind, for practical solutions that set us apart from the competition," said Jean-Baptiste Martinoli, co-founder and chief of innovation at EXOPC. "The touch-enabled desktop surface is ideal for a wide variety of business applications that require interactivity and contextual data. Furthermore, the cross-platform compatibility of HTML5 allows us to deliver this experience consistently across a variety of devices and operating systems."

Engineers, architects and designers can leverage this advanced technology to transform the desk into a fully interactive workstation through simple gestures and multi-touch input. Key vertical markets for the EXODesk include education, hospitality, medical, transportation, and other industries requiring impactful interactive communications and enhanced productivity.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with ViewSonic to experience the EXOdesk first hand during the show, please email viewsonic@lewispr.com. For further information on ViewSonic and its products, visit ViewSonic.com or follow ViewSonic on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

For more product information, visit ViewSonic.com/CES2012

EXOPC is a Canadian based, privately held company that gained international public and industry recognition for its pioneering user-interface. EXOPC's corporate mission is to enable user centric solutions on all form factors and displays, while providing a unique multi-OS UI with a cross-platform EXOstore. With a firm engagement in innovation, EXOPC is continuously filling the technological gap between software capabilities and hardware availabilities; bringing to market cost-efficient, ergonomic, and adaptable solutions.
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