Adobe to entice users to upgrade to CS6 with special pricing

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Adobe to entice users to upgrade to CS6 with special pricing

After getting a good amount of criticism for changing its upgrade policy late last year, Adobe is offering incentives for Photoshop and Creative Suite CS3 and 4 users to get them to jump on the CS6 bandwagon.

Starting with Adobe CS6, Adobe is restricting upgrade pricing just to those who are one version behind -- those who currently use CS5 or CS5.5. Adobe explained that it would help customers integrate with the new Adobe Creative Cloud service, and it is a move to streamline perpetual licenses. However, it cuts out a number of companies utilizing older CS products and will either have to pay the full price for an upgrade or move to the subscription service. My day job, for example, uses Photoshop CS3 and InDesign CS4. Currently, those who own Adobe software as old as CS2 can purchase CS5.5 at upgrade pricing.

Adobe has not announced the specific upgrade pricing for CS3 and CS4 users as of yet, but the offer will last from when CS6 is released until December 31.

[via The Loop]

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