Samsung NaviBot-S hands-on (video)

Billy Steele
B. Steele|01.12.12

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Samsung NaviBot-S hands-on (video)
If you're looking to control more than your washer and dryer with your mobile device, Samsung can oblige with an update to its NaviBot line. The latest smart vacuum model, NaviBot-S, can be summoned via the same app that is used with some of the company's other WiFi-enabled appliances, or the more traditional stock remote control. Featuring Visionary Mapping Plus, it uses a ceiling cam to seek out and remember the best route to and from its charging station. The robovac also uses a dust sensor to determine just how dirty your floors are and the exact location of those dropped Cheerios. Should the tech develop a mind of its own, there are some controls on the top panel that will allow you to get things under control right on the device. Now you can prep for those annoying 'drop by' guests while your on the drive home from the market -- with 90% efficiency. As far as cleaning time goes, you can expect around 100 minutes of work per three hour charge. For a demo of the NaviBot gathering up spillage, hop on past the break and peep the video.

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