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GoPano 360 degree camera with new app updates, case at CES

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.14.12

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GoPano 360 degree camera with new app updates, case at CES

We originally took a look at the GoPano lens attachment from EyeSee360 last year when it was released -- the lens sits on the back of your iPhone, and allows you to take a full 360 degree picture with a free iPhone app. Since the project went live (it was funded by Kickstarter), EyeSee360 tells TUAW at CES that it's sold very well, and there are updates coming for both the product and the app.

For the app, the company is planning an update soon that will add some social sharing options. Already, the app will upload 360 degree video to the main GoPano.com site, which it would like to be seen as "The YouTube of 360." These videos don't need an iPhone or any special software to be viewed, so while the original video may be warped (the lens basically shoots a circle of video on the iPhone's screen, and must be put through the company's software to be seen correctly) users can both save and share their videos online through the main site.

The app will be updated in a few weeks, however, and that update will bring options to send the videos directly to Twitter, Facebook, or services like Dropbox, so we'll see more 360 videos than ever online. There will be a Facebook app for embedding the 360 videos, too. "The goal," according to the rep from EyeSee360, is to eventually "take it to broadcast" television, so the company was also showing off a prototype version of a full lens made for a high-end Red camera as well.

The RED camera rig

Finally, the company is also planning an update to the lens, though all they had to show us so far was a very early model, not anywhere near ready for release just yet. The new model follows what they said was a whole lot of customer feedback -- customers are worried that the lens (which currently is just inserted into the custom iPhone case) might fall out, so EyeSee360 is working on a version that instead slides and locks in to a slot over the iPhone's camera, meaning that even if the phone is moved around, the lens should stay securely fastened on there.

Again, that model isn't set for release just yet. But it's clear EyeSee360 has plenty of ideas on how to improve its lens, and plenty of orders post-Kickstarter to fulfill. As more and more users upload and share 360 degree videos created with the GoPano, it'll be interesting to see where those videos end up and how they're used in the future.

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