The Queue: The serviceman and the "guide dog"

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Seriously, guys, if you didn't read Lisa's article yesterday about the British Army serviceman who lost his eyes in combat and still raids with the help of his guildmates and his "seeing-eye dog" death knight friend, you really should right now.

Glorfindan asked:

is blizzard ok with guild buying/selling. With in game gold I mean. And will they enforce the deal if one side doesnt?

I'm asking cuz my brother is thinkin of buying one and I couldnt find anything on Blizz's page. I'm assuming they are as there are adds on the forums for it, but I wanted to be sure

As guilds are technically the property of the guild leader, yes, it's allowable to buy them with in-game gold. Just make sure the transaction is documented with in-game chat so GMs can help you out if something goes awry.

Jon asked:

whats the deal with stone drakes? do they belong to a specific dragonflight?? wow head says they are "earth elementals" but the stone dragons in deepholm are skinnable and when scrolled over are my knowledge dragonflights are very specific and its weird that there are 4 or 5 different kind of stone drakes.

They are indeed a form of earth elemental, but it's not certain whether they're dragons who moved into the elemental planes when the planes were created long ago or if they're elementals that were simply born (or purposely shaped) that way. The elemental lords can "create" forms of elemental life, so it's possible that they just ... you know, wanted their own cool dragons.

AJ asked:

In the event of a matched roll (2 players rolling the same number) in a non-lfr group, how is the winner determined? Random? Alphabetical? Can i blame ghostcrawler?

There's another, invisible roll to determine a tiebreaker. Instead of blaming Ghostcrawler, though, I'd recommend you blame Pierre-Simon Laplace.

Jeremiah asked:

We're in about almost 2 months ? into the latest patch. Now with the Raid Finder Difficulty many people can see the content easily compared to the past !

So do you think that Blizz will STILL nerf the normal/heroic mode for the current raid tier just like they usually do for the rest of the tiers ?

No, I think those days are over. Raid Finder means the necessity of gradual/immediate nerfs to normal/heroic-mode content is gone; if people want to see the fights, they can do it in the Raid Finder, no problem.

As we've discussed on the WoW Insider Show recently, too, the Raid Finder also eliminates the need for an introductory raid tier each expansion. Now Blizzard can just design raid content and not worry about whether or not the mechanics are straightforward enough to be the first raid of a new expansion.

Paddy McAlary asked:

What's the general horde opinion on Garrosh? The Forsaken and the Darkspear seem to have come out against him either through openly defying him or disobeying orders, but what do the goblins/blood elf and in particular the Tauren think of him? Do they blame him for the death of Cairne oris the blame soley on Magatha and what do they think of the hordes agressive stance to thr night elfs and the rest of the alliance?

Well, the orcs like him, at least. The tauren have ostensibly forgiven Garrosh after he repented by giving the tauren a place of honor in Orgrimmar. The blood elves are just trying to stay out of the way, I think, but that's like asking what the draenei think of Varian. Who knows, man? Those guys don't get any story play nowadays.

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