The Daily Quest: Stuff that is fun

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|01.16.12

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The Daily Quest: Stuff that is fun
The Daily Quest: Stuff that is fun
WoW Insider's on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative, and entertaining
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Without a doubt, the first key on any keyboard I purchase that gets that worn look to it is the spacebar. Part of it is doubtless from all the writing I do, but there's also a chunk of it that simply comes from being a jumping addict in WoW. I can't help it. After seven years of playing the game, the spacebar is just an automatic reaction to waiting for a pull, standing in the bank, moving from one archaeology point to another, waiting for the raid to form up -- you name it, I am jumping. Poor space bar. So abused. But jumping is so fun.

Speaking of fun stuff, today we've got a few posts from around the blogosphere involving fun things!
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