Tango Networks offers cloud-based Google Voice integration to carriers

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Tango Networks offers cloud-based Google Voice integration to carriers
Tango Networks is aiming to assuage the pain of US mobile users attempting to manage two phone numbers using a single device. Dubbed the Abrazo Multi-line Service, the cloud-based product aims to bring Google Voice integration to "all mobile phones" and allow wireless users to manage multiple numbers without the hassle of additional software -- meaning your RAZR 2 can join the fun. Calls placed to handsets utilizing Abrazo will ring all phones in your Google Voice roster and users can choose which caller ID number to display for outgoing calls. The service will also offer a single Message Waiting Indicator light and leverage GV's low-cost international calling rates. Abrazo Multi-line Service is currently in the trial phase with North American mobile operators. The full press release from Tango is after the break.
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Google Voice Second Line is available to cellphone users in participating mobile carrier networks via Tango Networks Abrazo Multi-Line service.

FRISCO, Texas, Jan. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tango Networks™, a leader in Mobile Network integration is announcing the integration with Google Voice as part of the Abrazo™ Multi-line Service enabling any mobile phone to support more than one phone number.
With Google Voice integration, the Multi-line service enables mobile consumers to "Bring their own Google Voice Number" to a participating mobile carrier. As a cloud-based service, the solution works with all mobile phones with no additional device software required.

With Abrazo Multi-Line service, subscribers can make or receive calls using either their mobile number or their Google Voice number.

Outgoing calls from the mobile phone can display the Caller ID of either the mobile number or the Google Voice number and can be switched at anytime by the user. Incoming calls to their mobile number or Google Voice number ring all devices in the subscriber's Google Voice list. Subscribers benefit from a single voicemail for both phone lines with true Message Waiting Indicator (MWI), and Google Voice discounted international long distance calling rates.

Mobile carriers can easily offer second line mobile service that works with all mobile phones and without the need to manage the second number series. Instead customers bring their own Google Voice number and can provision it themselves.

"The Tango Networks Multi-line service now with Google Voice integration opens the doors for mobile carriers to offer Google Voice as a premium service on all their mobile phones.", stated Alastair Westgarth, President and CEO of Tango Networks. "Adding sticky services such as Multi-line with Google Voice integration attract and retain customers thereby reducing mobile churn."

Abrazo Multi-line service with Google Voice integration is entering trials with North American mobile operators.
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