Bloomberg: Apple plans to bolster iPad use in schools

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.18.12

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Bloomberg: Apple plans to bolster iPad use in schools

Bloomberg adds yet another dollop of confirmation to the rumors about tomorrow's event that Apple will have plenty of educational news to share. Most of the rumors have revolved around a textbook-based system for iBooks, and Bloomberg agrees, saying that Apple will introduce not only more textbook integration for iBooks, but new tools that will allow lots more authors and publishers to release materials directly. It sounds, according to the two anonymous Apple insiders quoted, like Apple's looking to bypass the standard textbook publishers completely by implementing an App Store-style model, which will come with the added bonus of providing tons and tons of quickly updated educational information on its mobile devices.

This would mean that not only can people who want to publish textbooks of their own do so, but teachers can even write and publish their own materials directly, without worrying about sending students out to find a specific textbook printing or being able to afford often quite expensive costs. It's fair to say that Apple helped change the way software was distributed through its App Store (mobile software for certain), and if these rumors are true, it could be looking to do the same with educational materials.

Sounds interesting! The event kicks off tomorrow at 10am Eastern in New York City. We'll be providing live coverage and lots of insight afterwards as usual.

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