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Canon EOS C300 cinema cam gets pre-order status, ships at month's end for $16,000

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Back in November we joined Martin Scorsese and other Hollywood luminaries at Paramount Studios for the unveiling of Canon's latest cinema video camera, which is now available for pre-order. The EOS C300, that aims to compete directly against the Reds of the world, carries a Super 35mm CMOS sensor capable of up to 4K resolution 1080p capture, and should be helped in large part by the company's top-shelf lenses; like the 14.5 - 60mm and 30 - 300mm. When we first met the C300 we told you it'd be priced at a hefty $20,000, but that's no longer the case, instead it'll cost a less painful $16,000 for the body only. The camera will begin shipping "after January 30th," and if it seems like a little too much for you, at least you can still watch our precious hands-on time with it.

Update: We've updated to clarify that while the sensor is 4K the camera only captures in 1080p.
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