Amazing Warcraft cake creations

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|01.20.12

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Amazing Warcraft cake creations
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Once upon a time, decorating cakes consisted of homemade frosting and a spatula. These days, however, cake creation has developed into an art form that is technical enough to make one's head spin. Cake, frosting and fondant have evolved from edible delicacies into full-on sculptural elements that can be used to create some jaw-dropping stuff, like the cake pictured above. You might not realize it at first glance, but the whole thing is completely edible.

Deathwing's head was created to celebrate his demise in game -- and what a delicious way to celebrate! Created by Domestic Scientist, Deathwing shows an amazing amount of patience and attention to detail -- check out the veining on the horns and plates! For more photos and information on this amazing creation, check out The Domestic Scientist, and for more gorgeous cakes, follow after the break.

Speaking of amazing details, can you believe the cake pictured above is only an 8-inch round? From the careful attention to the character, including detailed pauldrons and tabard, to the tiny dark portal, huts, and even a miniature dragon, this cake is an impressive feat in sculpture. Created by Fondant Fetish over in the U.K., this is a tiny masterpiece of skill and creative prowess. And I'm guessing it tastes just as good as it looks!

For more photos of this fabulous cake, you can check out Fondant Fetish's gallery over on Cakes We Bake, or check out the lovely video they put together for YouTube, which shows even more of the gorgeous, tiny details and the construction behind this beautifully intricate creation. And for more of the edible fabulousness of Fondant Fetish, you can check out her full list of galleries as well.

If you're looking for elegance and flair, this stein cake may do the trick for you. The stein is completely edible and was made for a groom's cake by Cup a Dee Cakes. This is not a tiny cake, by any stretch of imagination -- the creation is nearly two feet tall and a masterpiece of design. The images on the sides are a combination of edible paper and painting, and the gold on top of the stein is actually modeling chocolate -- completely edible and doubtless completely tasty, too!

While I've fiddled with fondant before, I've never tried my hand at anything as complicated as this, and I doubt I could ever pull it off. It's a beautiful creation and even has that distinctive look of the Taverncraft steins, right down to the gorgeous handle detail. The gold coins on the cake stand just add to the overall beauty of this piece.

For more information on this amazing design as well as shots of the stand and how it was put together, you can check out the blog for Cup a Dee Cakes. And while you're there, I'd suggest browsing around the other creations they've made -- they may not all be Warcraft creations, but they're absolutely astonishing, intricate, and lifelike works of art.

If you have any Warcraft-inspired baked creations, whether they're cakes, pies, or even cupcakes, drop us a line -- we'd love to feature you as well!

And if you aren't a baker but you've tried your hand at other craft projects, we'd love to hear from you too! Fan art, music, writing, clothing, figures, stuffed animals -- you name it, we'd love to see it. So send it in!

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