SWTOR unsubscribe option goes missing for some [Updated]


Call it the Case of the Canceled Sub: Many players have written in to us to report that the "cancel subscription" button on their Star Wars: The Old Republic account pages has mysteriously gone missing. Considering that tomorrow is the one-month mark where accounts are set to be billed following the free month of gameplay for those who started on launch day, we think this is particularly troublesome.

Some players have found a workaround link but have received a warning and seen their threads shut down by moderators as violating the Rules of Conduct.

BioWare is investigating the situation and has alluded to an issue with certain types of browsers. In the meantime, the CS team has asked those affected customers to contact the company by phone for help cancelling their subscriptions.

BioWare is awarding those players who pay for an additional month of game time by March 19th with a special "Founder" title.

[Thanks to the many, many people who sent us this tip!]

[Update: In a correspondence with us, BioWare has confirmed that it is aware of the website issue and is working to resolve it that the issue is now fixed.]