Aeria opens new server for Call of Gods MMORTS

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.20.12

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Aeria opens new server for Call of Gods MMORTS
Call of Gods - gameplay map
Call of Gods may not be a household name when it comes to MMORTS titles, but the free-to-play offering from Aeria Games must be doing something right. The company has just announced the addition of a fifth server, as well as a list of server-wide events designed to bring fame and fortune to some of its players.

Events include a ranked player competition, group boss fights, alliance quests and upgrades, special hero and gear customizations, and "mystical rewards" for the top five alliances.

Call of Gods is a browser-based MMORTS, and you can learn more about it at its official website.

[Source: Aeria press release]
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