How would you change ASUS' Zenbook UX31?

This week's How Would You Change stars ASUS' UX31 Zenbook, the benchmark that all of 2011's Ultrabooks should aspire to. We loved its striking design, good performance, battery life and that fantastic display. We weren't so hot on some of the frilly-script branding, annoying trackpad and a keyboard that required hammer-typing to register our presses. It's a shame to think that so many companies are producing great thin'n'light designs that are always hamstrung by one jarring error -- which is where you guys and gals come in. Now that it's been around the block, we're asking you: what improvements you'd like to see? -- but because this is an Ultrabook, for every addition, we want you to suggest something you'd be happy to lose. The floor is yours in the river of comments below.