Transmog your way to a roguish look

Dawn Moore
D. Moore|01.27.12

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Transmog your way to a roguish look
I used to play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons in college, back when v.3.5 was all the rage. At the time, a series of companion books was being released with titles like Complete Adventurer or Complete Divine; these books listed additional abilities and classes that players could use to expand upon the core classes in the original D&D rule books. Warlocks, for example, were added in Complete Arcane as a spin-off from the mage core class. Instead of using classic D&D mage spells like Magic Missile, they used invocations, which the book provided.

What I liked most about these books is that they made you think outside the box about your class. A warrior wasn't just a guy with a sword and a lot of armor proficiency; he could be a swashbuckler of the high seas or a graceful, dancing dervish. Both classes were warriors, but they fought in distinctively different ways.

So when it comes to WoW and transmogrification, I think a lot about the possible archetypes certain classes could have and try to explore those in different outfits. Leather wearers, for example, don't always have to look like members of the Defias Brotherhood or the audience at a Grateful Dead concert. They could also be mud-splattered bandits, solitary rangers from the Hinterlands, or sneaky Warsong scouts. Oddly enough, today's outfit might just work for all three.

  • Head Dreghood Cowl Random world drop, obtained from the Auction House or off trash in various dungeons from The Burning Crusade. Try The Slave Pens, The Blood Furnace, and The Underbog. If you can't track down this specific helm, worry not! There are lots of helms in the game of similar design. There are lots of color options too, if you want to explore a different hue for your leather wearer. Consider the Dementia Hood or Darkguard Face Mask.
  • Shoulders Cloaked Shoulderpads BoE quest reward from Swords Deck (inscription, can be repeated). If you don't have a scribe, try the Auction House.
  • Back No transmogging necessary. Turn your cloak display off.
  • Chest Bruised Vest Quest reward from Turning the Brashtide. Like the helm, there are a lot of other color options for this piece. The Velvety Vest, for example, is a black version. Personally, though, I think the chest is the most flexible piece in this particular outfit. I tried the Leafsong Vest and thought it really played up the ranger feel.
  • Shirt Squire's Shirt Starting item for human paladins. If you'd like one, just create a human paladin and get it over to the toon you're outfitting. Though honestly, the only reason you can see it on my female human is because I forgot to take it off before I took the screenshot.
  • Wrists Archer's Wristguard Quest reward from Survey Alcaz Island (Alliance only) or Twilight of the Dawn Runner (Horde only).
  • Hands Prospector's Mitts Random World Drop, obtained through the Auction House or farming (Cannoneer Whessan in Southern Barrens or trash in Wailing Caverns).
  • Waist Dark Leather Belt Leatherworking belt. If you can't find this on the Auction House, the mats shouldn't be too expensive if you want to get it custom made.
  • Legs Stalking pants Purchased from vendor. Four vendors sell these pants: Dark Iron Entrepreneur in Arathi Highlands, Kris Legace in Hillsbrad Foothills, Piter Verance in Dustwallow Marsh, and Wenna Silkbeard in the Wetlands.
  • Feet Awakening Footfalls Boss drop (Temple Guardian Anhuur in Halls of Origination). You don't have to use these exact boots, but know that your boots are the key component to this outfit. The Stalking Pants are a sort of strange model that cut off at the knee, and if you don't have long enough boots, you'll end up with this tiny line of visible skin showing on your character. I prefer a bucket-style top, since the alternative makes your character look like he's wearing skinny jeans or something.
  • Main-hand weapon Sturdy Cobalt Quickblade Blacksmithing sword. The mats are inexpensive, so if you can't find this on the Auction House, just ask around for a blacksmith. The pattern is trainer taught.
  • Off-hand weapon The off-hand weapon pictured is the same as the main-hand weapon, but you don't need to have your weapons match if you can yield more than one at a time. If you're a druid, what you choose will probably depend on what's available for your spec. (Personally, I think two-handed maces have the best attack animations.) Be creative. There are lots of interesting off-hand items that aren't necessarily weapons but could double as one. Witch's Finger and Greenweave Branch, both look like daggers, for example.
  • Ranged weapon Quel'Thalas Recurve Quest reward from Goldenmist Village (Horde only). Because the bow pictured is faction-specific, I'd recommend any other simple-looking bow for this look. I find the recurve styles to be the most attractive, but if you're a worgen, the Night Elven Bow is very sexy.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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