Breakfast Topic: Do your WoW and real-life friendships overlap?

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Breakfast Topic: Do your WoW and real-life friendships overlap?
I had some sad news not long ago -- a friend of mine passed away in a freak accident while on holiday with his girlfriend in Thailand. I knew him through his girlfriend, and it had eventually come out in conversation that we both played WoW. He was Jacksonn of European Elite on Terokkar (EU). His guild ran ICC not long ago in his memory; they told me he had wanted bracers from there for his warrior, so it was a sweet tribute. He counted many great friends among his guild, just as in the world outside Azeroth, as do I among mine.

I got into playing WoW through friends I knew from the local pub. They talked me into it one Christmas when I was on gardening leave and bored to tears. As I've played, I've made many good friends, strengthened my bonds with my real-life friends, and even met someone special. My WoW friends have helped me through some difficult times. It's a great form of escapism, and there's almost always somebody online to chat with about reforging, or cats, or complaining about PuGs, or nothing in particular.

How about you? Do you have real-life friends you met through WoW? Do your real-life friends play too? How does your social circle spill over between the world and Azeroth?
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