ITC closes the book on HTC's first complaint against Apple, still working on its sequels

Remember that first shot across Apple's bow that HTC fired way back May of 2010? No? We don't blame you. Since that initial exchange of complaints against each other the patent war has spun almost completely out of control. Well, in October an ITC judge handed down an initial ruling, rejecting the Taiwanese manufacturer's claim that Cupertino and crew had infringed upon its patents. Now, almost four months later, a final judgment has been issued, consistent with the initial decision -- Apple is not in violation of the patents in question (which primarily concern the dialer and power management features) and the investigation has officially been closed. Don't get your hopes up too much though, this is just the first complaint in a long series of suits the two have filed against each other and HTC can always appeal in a federal circuit court. In other words, there's plenty more where this came from.