Tim Cook: Right CEO at the right time

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Tim Cook: Right CEO at the right time

Tim Cook wowed us in his recent presentation at a Goldman Sachs investment conference. Rather than formal and serious, Cook was very casual and lively in this talk. He was also forthcoming about Apple, discussing its immediate concerns with manufacturing conditions and its overall plan for the future.

Though Cook talked about 37 million iPhones and 100 million iCloud users, that wasn't the most important part of his talk. Cook and his humble demeanor were the star of the show. You see, Tim Cook, as ZDNet aptly writes, is the right man at the right time for Apple.

In this recent presentation, Tim Cook is approachable and likable. These two character traits will be invaluable when Apple has to juggle Congressional inquiries, factory inspections and complaints about privacy concerns. He's exactly what Apple needs as it transitions from a scrappy startup to one of the top companies in the world.

At the same time, Cook hasn't lost the vision that brought Apple to this elevated position. He won't forget the important things that Steve Jobs hammered into him all those years. Apple, Cook tells us, will continue to revolve around exceptional user experiences and great products. It won't produce "a cheap version of the best product." Apple will also stay focused on only a few products and not try to conquer every sector within consumer electronics. It will be selective when it enters a new market and will venture out only when it can "make a significant contribution to society, not just sell a lot of products."

It was refreshing to hear Tim Cook speak this way about Apple. We, as Apple fans, can rest easy knowing Cook won't change the things that make Apple great. We can also look forward to the new ideas Cook is willing to bring our way. If you haven't listened to the presentation, it's available on Apple's website as a QuickTime stream.

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