Just Add Water talking to publishers about Stranger's Wrath for XBLA

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|02.18.12

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Just Add Water talking to publishers about Stranger's Wrath for XBLA
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD has been available on PSN since last December, but its 2.1 gigabyte file size -- just .1 gigs over Microsoft's XBLA file size limit -- has prevented it from seeing the insides of the Xbox Live Marketplace. Though Just Add Water has been in talks with Microsoft to publish the game itself, it sounds like the developer will be making some alternative accommodations.

"We've basically run everything dry in terms of going some kind of first-party route with Microsoft, be it them publishing it or be it us publishing it ourselves," said Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray during an interview with VG247. "So we're now having to go down the third-party route."

The developer is in talks with "two or three" publishers and hopes to have more information to announce by Easter, although Gilray did not give specifics regarding which publishers may be interested in helping the cause. It's unclear how working through a third-party publisher will aid in resolving (or circumnavigating) the game's size issue, but we're glad to see that Just Add Water is still trying.
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