Previously on MV TV: The Week of February 18th

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Previously on MV TV: The Week of February 18th
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It's time again to look back on the previous week of MassivelyTV and dig up the greatest moments that we could find! The best thing about this column is that if you have missed the earlier week's streams due to real life hassles, you can now sit back in the comforting arms of the weekend and watch hours and hours of livestreaming action -- only the choicest cuts picked by the staff.

And this week we have some goodies for sure. Starting off, Richie jumped back into Guild Wars, Mike acted like a newb in 0.0 space in EVE Online, and Adventure Mike stole a time machine and visited Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds once again. Plus we saw more Guild Wars action with Adventure Mike, RuneScape on my Thursday stream, and a bit of Zentia!

Make some popcorn, sit back, and click past the cut. Well, click past the cut and hit play first, then sit back. Unless you have a wireless mouse, then you can... well, you get me.

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This week, Richie ventured to finish up the Eye of the North expansion for Guild Wars. He prepared to face his toughest challenge yet, the Great Destroyer, and was fully expecting to be humiliated in front of a live internet audience. Instead, the finale proved to be a bit anticlimactic as the dreaded beast was vanquished within the first few minutes of the show. With the menace thwarted, Richie turned his attention to the Guild Wars Beyond content: War in Kryta. There he witnessed an Asura on trial for the reckless instigation of mayhem without a permit. If you want to see which way the Arcane Council rules in this case and hear exorbitant use of the word "flummoxery," then check out the show in part one and continuing in part two.

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On this week's EVE Online stream, Mike foolishly poked his head into low-sec space to harvest an incredibly common mineral and taunt dangerous pirates. Sure, it seems obvious in retrospect, but who knew things could go so wrong so fast? Tune into the stream to watch what happens when a newbie ship goes "KA-BOOM!"

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On this week's Rose-tinted Saturday nights, Adventure Mike once again explores the Korean mythology-themed world of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds. Following up on last week's first steps on the path of the Poet, Mike decides to show off the stuff of heroes by laying waste to everything in his path with his brand-new lightning spells. Nothing can stand in his way as he carves a path of destruction around the kingdoms. Cute furry animals, bandits and aquatic life forms tremble at the thought of ending up on the wrong end of his boot! Oh, and I guess he helped a turtle get some herbs too. For an eventful look at one of his favorite MMOs from yesteryear, check out Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds and his stream from last Saturday. Come relax and enjoy as Mike relays stories from his past that may or may not be embarrassing in nature to him. You won't want to miss it!

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You might be wondering when you watch Adventure Mike on Wednesdays whether he actually likes the taste of dirt or not. You could definitely make a case that he does, seeing as how many times he will just dive face-first and start chowing down. He and his lovely assistant Shannon spent this week's stream examining the Ice Caves of Sorrow mission from Guild War's Prophecies campaign. Mike and Shannon are inching ever closer to the conclusion of this campaign setting, but the miscreants they have to deal with aren't making it easy on them. As Mike dons his new set of armor and launches headfirst into this week's mission, he may have miscalculated just how tough a certain spectral agony just might have been and how much it was going to completely melt his face off. Watch with intrigue as Mike and Shannon make tactical retreats and daring resurrect-chains on this week's look at Guild Wars.

RuneScape banner
I took the time to stream my usual games this week. On RuneScape Thursday, I burned through as many quests as I could, thanks in large part to help from not only the chat room but cool players like my in-game buddy Al. Have you ever seen Inspector Gadget? Ever notice how Penny was the one who solved all the crimes while the series was named after her dorky uncle? Imagine that I am the Inspector and Al is Penny and you have a good idea of how my livestreams go in the classic browser-based MMO. I even finished up one quest that tasked me with killing a great red demon named Delrith. Did I succeed? Did Al finally get the credit he deserves? You'll have to watch and find out!

Zentia banner
On my Grab Bag Friday, I took another look at Zentia, one of my favorite games that still resides on my hard drive. If you knew how many games come and go from my desktop, you would know just how much of an impact Zentia has made on me! I've covered the game many times before, but this was the first time I have streamed it in a long, long time. I found a game just as charming as before, but it's one that is very hard to explain. I show off my slightly higher level character, run through pet and mount taming, and even make a new character so I can see the re-done newbie starter area. Zentia still surprises me with its originality and charm, so keep an eye on my future livestreams. I'll definitely be back!

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.
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