Daily iPad App: Edmunds for the iPhone delivers car buying information

Mel Martin
M. Martin|02.28.12

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Daily iPad App: Edmunds for the iPhone delivers car buying information

I reviewed Edmunds for the iPhone a few months ago and found it quite useful. Anyone who's car-shopping will find it provides all the information you need.

Edmunds has now brought that experience to the iPad. The device's large screen and improvements in the app make it the best version of Edmunds for iOS yet.

The app provides comprehensive information like safety data, pricing, reviews from both Edmunds and consumers, thousands of photos (interior and exterior) and other details on more than 24,000 models. The app also includes helpful videos for some vehicles and searches are saved for easy reference in the future.

You can browse a local dealer's inventory as well as pricing information for the car you currently own, should you want to sell it outright.

Edmunds is free and ad supported. Fortunately the ads weren't distracting. I have some nits to pick, however, and they are similar to my comments on the iPhone version.

First, a search function would let me pull up information without swiping through screen after screen. I can see all the brand names on one page, but if I select a type of car or some other parameter the list gets very long. By the time you get to Volvo or Volkswagen, you are going to have very tired fingers.

I'd also like to be able to enter a search term like 'Navigation Systems' and get reviews sorted by brand of car. A split screen function would also be useful, so I could compare data side-by-side. That should be possible on the iPad's big screen.

Having said that, I think Edmunds has produced the best iOS app for car buying and selling. All the information is there for the browsing, and the app is easy to navigate. I'd love to see the features I've described in future versions, but I think the Edmunds app should be your first choice for reliable, unbiased car information and reviews.

The app is a 9.1 MB download and requires iOS5 or greater. I've grabbed some screen shots so you can see the app before you download it.


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