Sony closing four online titles in March, you're probably okay with it

Xav de Matos
X. Matos|03.02.12

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Sony closing four online titles in March, you're probably okay with it
The folks at Sony Online Entertainment have announced that four titles in its stable of massively-multiplayer online games will be taken out to pasture, but they probably aren't experiences you're staying up nights to savor.

The worlds of Cosmic Rift, Infantry, Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga, and EverQuest Online Adventures (pictured) will all come to a close on March 29, 2012.

"This is not an easy decision," a post from the team at SOE revealed, as we scoured Google for any information of the aforementioned titles. SOE cites "there comes a time when" development resources must step away from old adventures and focus on new ones as the primary reason for its decision. And ... EverQuest Online Adventures is a PS2 game and it was working this whole time? Color us surprised.

According to, the multitude of players journeying through the affected titles will receive refunds for any pre-paid time that reaches beyond the shutdown date. Sarcasm aside (we do it because we love you), EverQuest Online Adventures players will net three free months of Gold Membership status in both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 -- free-to-play titles on the PC.

SOE thanked fans for their loyalty, saying: "It's been a blast. And we hope to keep gaming with all of you in our other great games here at SOE."
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