City of Heroes goes beastmode

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City of Heroes goes beastmode
City of Heroes
The Mastermind archetype in City of Heroes is in for a treat with a new primary power set in the form of Beast Mastery! Masterminds will soon be able to call upon all sorts of animal allies to harry their foes. The Intrepid Informer: Issue #19 introduces the new power set and goes into great detail about its function.

The Beast Master's pets, which range from a swarm of stinging insects up to a dire wolf, have limited ranged attacks but are potent in close-quarter combat. To make up for that, the Beast Mastery power set includes three blast attacks that can help Masterminds take control of the battlefield. Secondary powers can help define the way that a Beast Master interacts with summoned pets. A more defensive or supportive secondary power set will allow players to heal or buff their pets through battle, while Storm Summoning and other potent offensive power sets will help weaken foes before they become too much of a threat.

Along with some tasty abilities, Beast Mastery also brings a new mechanic to the game: Pack Mentality. This buff can stack up to 10 times and boosts Beast Mastery pets' damage by 2% each time it's applied. Additionally, Pack Mentality fuels Fortify Pack, a player-based AoE Defense and Regeneration buff that helps protect offense-oriented pets. This allows players to decide when their pets need to go into all-out damage mode or play it safe to get through a tough battle.

The Beast Mastery power set has been a long-time request from fans of the game, so start cooking up an origin story and taste the sweet, sweet reward for all your patience!
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