Ask Massively: A week to sleep edition

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.08.12

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Ask Massively: A week to sleep edition
Tigers are the biggest kittens.
Last week, if you've forgotten, we had a big multi-person answer. This week, Mass Effect 3 released. Between those two factors, this week's column is aiming less at huge overarching answers to profound questions and more at producing some lower-key answers to some lower-key questions. I'm sure next week we'll have bigger answers and I'll go back to stretching out "maybe" over 200 words. For this week, maybe we can take a nap?

What? Animals do it all the time, and they seem pretty happy. Especially the orange killing machines in the picture.

Anyhow, this week's Ask Massively is briefer than the last installment, but it still covers some Massively meta-issues as well as the looming prospect of ArcheAge's hopeful release stateside. If you have a question for a future installment of the feature, send it along to or leave it in the comments below. Questions may be edited slightly for brevity and/or clarity.

Sharvis asked: I only just recently noticed that the Global Chat column disappeared along with Rubi. I really enjoyed that column and how it highlighted the well-thought out comments from a week, including the comments from articles that I wouldn't have read. Any chance to see it come back?
We replaced Global Chat a few months ago with Previously on MV TV, which was initially penned by Rubi before her departure and is now compiled by Beau. There's always a chance we'll bring back an old feature, but we have no definite plans to do so with Global Chat at the moment. But it's come back from hiatus before, so we're not calling it dead just yet.
J45neoboy asked: Will it be more likely that we will see a US publisher announced before or after ArcheAge's launch in Asia?
Yes and no. If ArcheAge launches and does well, there's a built-in drive for a US publisher to pick up the game and hopefully have a hit stateside. On the other hand, if the game does poorly post-launch, odds are most publishers will be less likely to take over the title on the grounds that it might fail in a new market.

Not that I'm saying the game will do badly -- just that you have to look at the whole thing from a marketing perspective.
SpaceCobra stated: Beta is Better! (TM)
Unfortunately, that didn't help it in the long run. If I had the money and time, I'd love to get a decent Beta machine running at my home.
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