DUST 514 driver's ed includes stealthing, siege mode, and power draining

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.09.12

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DUST 514 driver's ed includes stealthing, siege mode, and power draining
DUST 514
While the idea of piloting your own tank or drop ship in a virtual world may seem like a carefree joyride of devastation and destruction, think again: Turning on the engine in a DUST 514 vehicle may be the last thing you ever do if you're ignorant of the basics.

In a new dev post, CCP opens up the manual of vehicle operation in its upcoming title and tells it like it is. For starters, players will need to train up specific skills in order to even be allowed behind the wheel of any of these beasts, and even then, a clueless operator could find him or herself a sitting duck if attention isn't paid to power consumption (in DUST 514's terminology, capacitors). Equipped modules all draw power from capacitors during combat, and while capacitors do regenerate over time, they can be drained, both from a player's actions or an enemy's attack. As such, it's important to keep power demands in mind when modding a vehicle.

Two DUST 514 war machines are used as examples in the article. There's the Marauder HAV, a tank-busting tank that comes with an alternate siege mode, and there's the Force Recon dropship, which can clock, jam enemy sensors, and drain enemy vehicles' power. The post ends with a hypothetical battle scenario involving both of these, showing how they could be used out in the field.
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