How long does it take to buy a new iPad with 50 shares of Apple stock?

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How long does it take to buy a new iPad with 50 shares of Apple stock?

The Telegraph's Conrad Quilty-Harper has an intriguing spin on Apple's soaring stock price. Instead of measuring Apple's atmospheric rise in direct dollar figures, Quilty-Harper measured it in terms of raising money to buy an Apple device.

Quilty-Harper started by looking at the price of Apple's stock before and after the recent iPad launch. He then calculated how long it would take for you to recoup the purchase price of the iPad if you bought 50 shares of stock on the day before the launch.

Assuming you have US$27,000 to buy 50 shares of Apple stock, his figures show that you could recoup the cost of the new iPad in two days. If you did a similar calculation for the iPhone 4S, it would take 5 days. Quilty-Harper does the same for other Apple mobile devices, including the iPad 2, the iPhone 4, the original iPad and the iPhone 3GS. Point your browser to the Telegraph's website to read the rest of his unique analysis.

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