Peel to test real-time polling of TV shows

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Peel to test real-time polling of TV shows

Remember Peel? The pear-shaped IR blaster and accompanying remote control app was given the TUAW review treatment last July by our very own Victor Agreda, Jr. The company has announced that starting this week, they'll be testing a real-time polling feature in the app.

Not surprisingly, the polling feature will be tested on this week's episode of American Idol. The way the polling will work is that you'll have the opportunity to "cheer" or "boo" performances by clicking buttons on your iPhone. Don't like what Steven Tyler or J-Lo have to say about a performer? No problem -- you'll be able to boo them as well (or cheer for them if you're so inclined).

The company wants to expand polling to other shows as well -- think of sports or political events. Peel is also putting iTunes "buy" buttons next to the photos of your favorite would-be stars, although they're not getting a cut of sales made through the app.

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If you are one of the few who have purchased a Peel and happen to be an "Idol" fan, be sure to try the new feature out this week.

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