The Skyshrine's the limit: EverQuest II delivering new update April 17th

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.13.12

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The Skyshrine's the limit: EverQuest II delivering new update April 17th
EverQuest II
It wouldn't be EverQuest II without a dragon or two, and come April 17th, players will be able to bask in as much flamebreath as they can handle. It's on this date that SOE will release the much-anticipated Game Update 63, and with it, the dragon city of Skyshrine and the new area of the Withered Lands.

Skyshrine is a dragon citadel where good and evil dragons dwell, and as of the update's release, it will be coming under siege by mysterious forces. Only the most daring players will be brave enough to explore the nooks and crannies of this city -- and plunder it for its tempting treasure. If Skyshrine isn't enough for excitement, the Withered Lands offer plenty of challenges (over 100 quests) for those who can navigate the formerly glorious region that's been twisted by dark corruption.

Game Update 63 will also include many additional features for players. For those who have the Destiny of Velious expansion, the level cap will be raised to 92, the Skyshrine and Withered Lands areas opened for adventuring, prestige class talents added, and an awesome Drake mount dangled as a major reward. Age of Discovery expansion holders can also get their hands on a new dungeon maker theme and adventurers, tradeskill apprentices, and an elite mercenary for hire.

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