Views of new iPad videos outpacing original, iPad 2

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Views of new iPad videos outpacing original, iPad 2

Each year, the iPad is capturing the attention of a growing number of people. You can see it in the press coverage that's dedicated to the device, the amount of people using it in public and in the number people who've watched Apple's iPad videos on YouTube. According to AdAge, the original iPad video campaign accrued 2.5 million views in a week, while the iPad 2 climbed to 2.7 million. In the same amount of time, the third generation iPad has grabbed 2.8 million.

This latter figure is significant as the new iPad is an evolutionary step in the progression of Apple's tablet. It's not as revolutionary as the original iPad which was a new device and one that kicked off this current tablet craze. Even though the new iPad is similar to earlier models in many ways, people still want to see it in action.

AdAge also points out Apple's online advertising strategy which uses a short 30-second spot combined with a longer five-minute ad. Rather than leave old ads on its YouTube channel, the company deletes the earlier marketing clips when the new ones go live. When you go to Apple's YouTube page to view the iPad, all you will see is the current generation model, which, as AdAge points out is likely what Apple wants.

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