World of Warcraft is the new

Of course, gamers don't wear sunglasses and pinstripe polos while holding controllers, but artistic license.

Are you single? Do you want to be a little bit less single? Are your friends telling you that you should stop spending so much time talking with them online and more time looking for dates? Well, according to a recent infographic, your friends might be completely off-base. put together a graphic comparing World of Warcraft to the popular dating site, and the results come out pretty firmly in favor of blood elves.

So how does it look? According to the graphic, World of Warcraft has more than 10 times as many people involved as, and people sink more time into online gaming than any online dating site. There's also a number of factors that suggest slaughtering virtual trolls as a better way to bond than a cup of coffee. So while it's still probably bad form to hit on your raid leader between pulls, maybe you're not entirely off the mark. Unless she's married.