What do Samsung and Phones 4u have to show the UK on March 30th?

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|03.25.12

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What do Samsung and Phones 4u have to show the UK on March 30th?
We're not saying this could be the date-of-reveal for the Galaxy S III, but we also can't say it's not. What we can surmise, however, is that either Samsung or UK retailer Phones 4u (possibly both) apparently have something to unveil on March 30th. According to Eurodroid, the window pictured above, simply reading "coming 30.03.12" under a Samsung logo, was photographed by one of its readers outside of the Phones 4u located on Oxford St. in London. The site also notes that this same location was the exclusive retailer for the Galaxy Nexus when it launched, making the little meat that's currently here all the more juicy. Whatever Sammy has in store, you'll just have to keep guessing as it remains a mystery for now. Hit up the links below for more photos and speculation, and be sure let us know your best guess in the comments.
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