Swedish Consumer Agency considers investigation into iPad 4G LTE marketing

The Swedish Consumer Agency is thinking about investigating whether or not Apple's marketing of the new iPad's 4G LTE connectivity is misleading. The agency has apparently received "several complaints" from consumers who have discovered that the new device doesn't work with the 4G LTE networks in Sweden.

The new iPad supports LTE on the 700 and 2100 MHz frequencies, while in Sweden, 700 MHz is used for television broadcasts and 2100 MHz is used for 3G data. The only countries at this time that support LTE on 700 and 2100 MHz are the U.S. and Canada. Marek Andersson, an attorney for the Swedish Consumer Agency, said that "One may rightfully ask if the marketing of the new iPad is misleading ... the question is whether this information is clear enough in Apple's marketing."

Apple is under fire for the same marketing concern in Australia, where the company has agreed with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to clarify the claim that the new device supports 4G LTE and to refund early adopters of the new iPad who feel that they were misled.