One Shots: Bringing it back for realsies

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One Shots: Bringing it back for realsies
By now, everyone's figured out that today's One Shots revival was an April Fool's joke, but you guys have been such great sports about it that we're going to Bring Back One Shots starting next weekend as a once-a-week featurette. No... really. No joke!

So... do send your screenshots to, and don't forget to include all the usual details, like your name, the name of the game shown in the screenshot, and a little explanation of the scene. Large, colorful, clear, UI-free shots that tell a story and really show off the game make for the best images.

We'll pore over the submissions every week and pick out one that really sings to us to showcase, and then we'll see how it goes. If we get lots of submissions and the feature does well, we'll keep it around more permanently!

We've tucked our first entry, from Ehra, behind the break to cap off the April Fool's festivities!

Guild Wars
Ehra says,
I was wandering around in Guild Wars when I found this fascinating pillar. Just look at how tall it is, and did you notice how it almost seems to lean a bit to the left? I think we can all emphasize this this poignant statement on how life just never seems to go right. The pillar also rises off of the screen, symbolizing how our goals in life are always just out of reach. Also, notice the dreamy haze behind it? An obvious metaphor for how our dreams, no matter how blissful they may seem, are just escapism from the cold, harsh realities of life. The pillar is full of smudges and caked-on dirt; time has not been kind to this pillar. Then again, has it done otherwise to any of us? Finally, the most mystifying aspect of this work of art is the unreadable, eldritch text etched into the pillar. Does any of us really understand what lays before us in life? Can we understand the true purpose of it all? What if not knowing is preferable to knowing the awful truth? I hope you all appreciate the soul ArenaNet has poured into the game. This is, by far, the most beautiful vision I have ever seen in a video game.
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