Orbotix update proves that six Spheros are better than one (video)

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|04.04.12

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Orbotix update proves that six Spheros are better than one (video)
It's far more than a pricey cat toy, but should you really shell out 130 bucks of a color-changing robotic sphere? Well, if you make it to the video after the break, you might just be buying six. Sphero's latest app pairing adds some pretty spiffy interactive games, that could prompt early adopters to make yet another impulse purchase. MacroLab lets you design programs for your flashy mechanical ball, enabling the device to roll every which way while also shifting speed and color. And the Android version supports multiple Spheros, letting you create a routine for an entire set to follow simultaneously. The second app, Chromo, tests memory and coordination, prompting you to move the ball every which way to match colors displayed on your iOS device. Both apps, while excellent video fodder, are likely to grow old just as quickly as the gadget's initial offering. So, if your wallet's not as big as your curiosity, the promo vids waiting just past the break should entertain you almost as much as a proper Sphero can.

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