APB: Reloaded dev blog introduces patch 1.7's new breed of contacts

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APB: Reloaded dev blog introduces patch 1.7's new breed of contacts
What kind of parents name their kid DevilDog?
Criminals and Enforcers alike have plenty to look forward to in APB: Reloaded's upcoming patch 1.7.0, which has been given the name New Breeds Part One. The inspiration for this subtitle comes from the "new breed" of contacts being added to the game with the update, including the sociopathic Criminal Tiptoe (daughter of the Bloodrose Tyron Sennet) and former-military-sniper-turned-Enforcer DevilDog. These new contacts will provide players with a wealth of new progression options such as new weapons, weapon skins, modifications, shiny vehicles, and inventory space increases.

On top of all those goodies, New Breed Part One will also introduce Fight Club Challenges, which are weekly events that allow players to compete in a number of unique challenges in order to earn prizes ranging from APB$ to unique weapons and vehicles. Each challenge will require players to play a particular gametype on a particular map, and each "will have three [reward] tiers, with the third and second prizes being straight up requirements, and the top prize requiring you to be in the top X% of players that have taken part in the challenge." The first week's challenges, along with a list of new weapons and modifications, can be found on the game's official blog post for anyone who wants to get a leg-up on the competition, so get out there and wreak some havoc.
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