Prop 'n Go is my new favorite iPad stand

I have been through sooooo many iPad cases and stands. Cases with keyboards, cases without, backpack cases, mini-briefcase models, you name it, I've tried it. Since I work at home, my needs aren't that complicated. I need something that serves as a stand, won't tip over, and allows me to adjust the angle of my iPad to taste.

The good folks at Padded Spaces sent me the Prop 'n Go Slim tablet stand and I'm hooked. I reviewed the original Prop 'n Go case almost a year ago, and found it nice to use, but way too thick. I then tried a slimmer case from Padded Spaces last year, and while very well constructed, I thought it was too thick as well. I did like the fact that it was narrower.

I think this new slim model hits the sweet spot. It's not a case, so I'll use something else for protecting the iPad when I travel. The Slim is US $35, has 14 adjustable angles, and works with iPads, the Kindle and I would think most Android tablets too. The dimensions work with the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation. The base is flat, rather than wedge shaped, which is an improvement I suggested in my review last year. The Prop 'n Go works very well on a bed or soft couch. It comes in blue or black, and it is very solid, the iPad doesn't move even if I'm tapping and sliding across the screen with some force. The only negative is the iPad is not anchored to the tablet, so if you carry it around the house, you need to hold it upright. Although the surface is made from non-slip materials, you want to be careful the stand and your iPad aren't headed in different directions.

This latest Prop 'n Go is the perfect stand for me. It's very well made, won't tip over, and for my uses is nearly perfect. I'm told supplies are a bit constrained until next week, but I think this stand is worth the wait.

You can compare the original design to the slim in the gallery below.