Wizard101 prepares to send players to Avalon

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.10.12

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Wizard101 prepares to send players to Avalon
Yeah, yeah, what's behind me, I know.  Very funny.
Wizard101 always sends its players to fantastic new places with each expansion. Obviously the bar is set pretty high when the core game already features a magical setting, but each new zone seems to aim at a very different location. The upcoming new expansion Avalon is no exception; it's sending players into a realm filled with fallen knights, warrior queens, and other elements inspired by Arthurian and Celtic myths. It also gives players a chance to explore the pasts of several important lore characters, such as the villainous Morganthe.

But lore alone doesn't make for a fun expansion. Avalon also offers players four new utility spells per school, new pets and mounts, and six new zones to explore as characters head to the new level cap of 80. There are also new gardening levels and new gardening spells, certain to bring a smile to the face of every burgeoning virtual botanist. So if you feel like you've seen all there is to see in Wizard101, don't worry -- that'll change soon enough.

[Source: KingsIsle press release]
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