WoW Moviewatch: 30% Nerf

Michael Gray
M. Gray|04.10.12

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WoW Moviewatch: 30% Nerf
WoW Moviewatch: 30% Nerf
While we usually focus on machinima around here, I'm not opposed to the occasional live action video. And the Light knows we're all fairly familiar with SilverLetomi. I was pretty curious about 30% Nerf when she told me about it ... and I was not disappointed.

The video is pretty basic but remains fun because of its simple concept. SilverLetomi sings a song about damage, nerfs, and raiding. It's a parody of this song, but I had never heard it before -- can't provide much context. All in all, 30% Nerf was fun, and I found myself giggling the whole time.

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