Luck awaits Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures on Friday the 13th

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Luck awaits Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures on Friday the 13th
Free Realms: Jason Maskface
Traditionally, Friday the 13th bears the bad-luck brand. However, tomorrow, you have nothing to fret about if you play Free Realms or Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures because Sony Online Entertainment prepares to entertain its players with superstitious tomfoolery.

If you pounce around the land of Free Realms near Champ Chatty and Camp Robbie Lake, be prepared to run into Jason Maskface. This creepy fellow wants to recruit you into scaring people by turning you into a banshee, skeleton, or other graveyard element. Additionally, each participant will receive the ability to turn into a "Scaredy" black cat.

The Force is with players of CWA because all transforming holoprojectors go on sale tomorrow at 50% off. If you happen to wander around the main hall, veranda, or hanger of the Jedi Temple, don't be surprised if you or the people around you randomly turn into skeletal Clone Troopers, breaking into a dance -- it's the only way to frighten away the bad luck of Friday the 13th.

[Source: SOE press release]
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