To the Moon rocketing to Steam soon, play it so it's not your last regret

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Jessica Conditt
April 17th, 2012
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To the Moon rocketing to Steam soon, play it so it's not your last regret


To the Moon is a beautiful breakout indie game – you may recall it from our previous praise in the 2011 Best of the Rest roundup – that is now officially coming to Steam, developer Ken Gao of Freebird Games announced today on Twitter.

Calling the announcement "semi-casual," Gao still doesn't know an exact date for To the Moon's Steam release, but he expects it within the "next month or two." To the Moon will not include Steamworks features such as cloud saving, but as Gao says, "the game is really short, it can be played in 1 or 2 sittings."

Anyone who bought the game from any other vendor, including directly from Freebird Games, will automatically get a Steam key when it launches. To the Moon is for PC only now, but Gao said he is looking for ways to resolve technical issues to bring it to Mac as well.

We can attest for the brevity of To the Moon, but regardless of its length To the Moon offers a profoundly introspective, metaphysical experience. If Journey awakened your sense of spiritual fulfillment, To the Moon may be the next title to expand your universe. It's that or DMT, really, and one of those doesn't have any untested, potentially long-term side-effects.
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