No Comment: MacBook perfume project smells like new unboxing

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Erica Sadun
April 20th, 2012
No Comment: MacBook perfume project smells like new unboxing


It may just be an art installation and not a commercial product, but what Apple fan wouldn't want to buy a bottle of scent offering the essences of, ink, paper, foam, sticky tape, and a hint of glue? For the enthusiast who has everything, who has ransacked the Mothership store for wardrobe, the local store for computing, and whose basement is filled with artsy Ebay-sourced Performa and Centris nostalgia, all that's possibly left to internalize the product is to become the product.

Enter Air Aroma. According to the Co.DESIGN write-up, their lab "smell-analyzed" a MacBook along with its packaging to create a virtual MacBook scent out of an array of natural products: leather and lily flower, plastic film and cold metal, and of course, musk. "Musk. It's not the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'MacBook,'", Mark Wilson writes, "But maybe these secretions of a mature male deer have been in Apple's secret potion all along."

To that, we say No Comment.

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